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Chunxing seiko: the company will grasp the opportunity of 5G industrial reform to continue to deeply cultivate the field of rf devices at the base station end

2020-05-18 1920

    Xing seiko spring (002547) 2019 annual online results indicated recently held in panoramic network, company manager wang on this activity introduces, in 2019 the company focus on "communication radio frequency devices and structural glass business, consumer electronics, auto parts, electronic components distribution" four major business sectors, around the company strategy and business policy, promote the reform of the company management. In terms of communication business, the company has established its position as the main supplier in the core customer system, and continuously increased its market share in nokia and Ericsson, and steadily developed a number of new projects. In the field of consumer electronics business, the glass cover business of shenzhen kaimao, a subsidiary of the company, has reached strategic cooperation with corning, and has successfully entered into OPPO and other major mobile phone customers. In 2019, the sales revenue increased by 38% year-on-year and the net profit increased by 15% year-on-year. In the auto business sector, the company has established cooperative relations with tesla, continental, malebayer and other new energy automobile manufacturers for many years. The distribution business of electronic components continues to expand the distribution industry and realize the rapid development of sales revenue.

  Wang said that in the future, the company will grasp the opportunity of industrial reform in the era of 5G, continue to deeply cultivate the field of rf devices at the base station end, and at the same time seize the development opportunity brought by the tide of 5G replacement and the continuous growth of the new energy automobile industry.